Why Samsung should bring back the rotating bezel to the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro

The rotating bezel was one of the main selling points for Samsung Galaxy watches, but the company decided to ditch it in favor of the digital bezel. As a result, the latest Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro watches lacked the physical rotating bezel, which might have helped Samsung sell fewer smartwatches in the last quarter, resulting in declining sales and giving up its position to Google, HUAWEI, and Xiaomi.

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It seems like Samsung is paying close attention to feedback, and the company may have changed its mind about rotating bezel. According to Korean-based YouTuber SuperRoader (via 9to5Google), the next-generation Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Pro might bring back the beloved rotating bezel after all. It’s worth noting that the standard Galaxy Watch 6 might opt for the now-traditional digital bezel, leaving the physical rotating option exclusively for the most expensive Pro model.

That’s not all the good news, the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro might also come in two sizes. For reference, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is only offered in a single 45mm size. It’s currently unclear what those two other sizes might be, but if we had to place our bets, it would be similar to the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic series, which featured 46mm and 42mm sizes and 1.4-inch and 1.2-inch displays, respectively.

If the rumors are true, users might be offered even more options this year that could help Samsung earn back its position on the rankings and boost its sales. Some rumors also claim that we might see larger batteries in the Galaxy Watch 6 series, but it’s too early to tell how accurate this news might be.

There are several reasons why we’re excited about the news that the rotating bezel might be making a return in 2023, and here are a few highlights.

The rotating bezel is more intuitive, and not everything needs to be digitalized

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Rotating bezel

If I had just a single comment on this matter, it would be that not everything needs to be digitalized. Modern cars and EVs are prime examples of manufacturers overlooking physical buttons and switches. Using the digital bezel is a great experience, generally, but it doesn’t replicate the feeling of using a physical object. The rotating bezel felt smooth and intuitive on the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and older Samsung watches. Users were also less likely to accidentally over-rotate or open apps they didn’t intend to use in the first place.

The digital bezel works, but there are some issues

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro front

The digital bezel works well for the most part, but it has several key issues when your hands, or even your smartwatch, become wet. The digital bezel could act up and rotate swiftly between apps and screens, making it impossible to use for a few seconds, until you clean it.

There are also more drawbacks when users attempt to use it with gloves on, as the bezel takes longer to provide feedback and frequently doesn’t work at all. If you live in a cold environment, you most likely know the struggle already. While there are ways to make this work, a physical bezel will not require that much attention, and a quick rotation will enable users to see the time, check on the weather, and scroll through notifications with ease – whether their hands are wet, and whether they’re wearing gloves or not.

The rotating bezel is more satisfying to use, and more precise

Samsung did a great job optimizing the digital bezel on the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro and Galaxy Watch 5, but it’s not perfect. There’s vibration feedback when the digital bezel is used, but it’s not as satisfying as the physical bezel on the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and older watches.

Taking advantage of both mechanisms, vibration upon rotation, the physical bezel could provide the ultimate way to use the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro smartwatch. We hope to see the classic design return in an improved form in 2023, and we look forward to seeing how the news and leaks materialize in the coming weeks and months ahead. Samsung usually announces its new Galaxy Watches in August, alongside its foldable flagship devices.

Would you like to see the return of the rotating bezel on the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro? Let us know in the comments below!

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