Vote now: Samsung Galaxy S23 – hot or not?

The time has come for you to cast your vote and decide the fate of the new Galaxy lineup, the S23 series. Many months of rumors are now behind us, and even though the official reveal is still a couple of hours away, by the time this poll hits the shores of the US, everything will be as clear as a maiden’s tear.First of all, do you think all the leaks and rumors rob us of a truly exciting experience during the actual reveal? Or do you prefer to know as much as possible about an unreleased phone as soon as possible? You can answer this one in the comments below. I enjoy a good mystery (I’ve read nearly all of Agatha Christie’s novels), so for me personally, I’d prefer to stay in the dark until the curtain lifts.Back to the Galaxy S23 series. It seems like a solid upgrade from where we stand, but as we stated above, this poll will stay active even after the reveal, so you would be able to cast your vote with all the necessary information at hand.

Before you start voting, you can check out our dedicated Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 Plus, and Galaxy S23 Ultra pieces in order to get the full picture. And, if you really think this series is hot, you can sign up to get one early from the widget above.

Will the Galaxy S23 series topple the iPhone 14 series? Only time will tell! Vote and comment, guys.

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