Samsung developing Lifelike Pixels display technology

By this point, it is not a secret that Samsung is one of the leaders worldwide when it comes to display technology. The Korean tech giant has historically produced devices with exceptional panels and has continuously supplied them to other manufacturers as well.

Hence, it is hardly surprising that recently the company has applied for a trademark registration for a new display technology dubbed Lifelike Pixels. This information was first brought forward by Galaxy Club, and was subsequently covered by Sammobile in a dedicated article.

While there are very few details on what exactly the Lifelike Pixels trademark stands for, we know that the technology will be used in the OLED display panels of a wide range of devices – including smartphones, tablets and, most interestingly, VR and AR headsets.

There is also a possibility that Lifelike Pixels is being registered ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S23 launch because the technology could play a part in the company’s newest flagship series. For reference, Samsung is launching its newest high-end smartphone lineup on February 1st, 2023, with reservations already underway.

Nevertheless, it is still more likely that the Lifelike Pixels trademark will be a part of upcoming Samsung devices. The Korean tech giant, in light of impending financial woes, is more determined than ever to boost the competitiveness of its smartphones – especially in the premium and ultra-premium market segments.

The display has historically been Samsung’s strong suit, so it makes a lot of sense for the company to further build upon that particular selling point. Whether that will be enough to enable Samsung to stand up to rivals like Apple, remains to be seen.

Nevertheless, Lifelike Pixels is just one of a number of display technologies that Samsung is developing. The company has also applied for a trademark for its Hybrid Flex technology, which was showcased at CES 2023 earlier this month.

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