Samsung boasts about Galaxy S23 pre-order achievement in yet another key market

Put up for reservations long before their actual February 1 announcement and for pre-orders on that very day, Samsung’s highly anticipated Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra have finally started shipping to early adopters a few days ago.

While it may seem premature to talk about sales totals and box-office achievements at this time, there are obviously intermediary milestones tech giants such as Samsung like to look at to predict just what heights these products might reach at the end of the quarter, the year, and their commercial run.
So far, it certainly sounds like the Galaxy S23 series is meeting and possibly even exceeding all its early objectives, both at a global level and in select regions, thus looking very likely to surpass the relatively modest success of last year’s Galaxy S22 family.

Big in France… and Korea… and India

Following a global S23 launch celebration post on Friday, February 17 that just so happened to mention the new ultra-high-end handset trio racked up “more than double” the pre-order numbers of the S22 series around the world, Samsung’s local French branch issued a similar statement this Monday, February 20.
Because France is obviously one of the largest European countries and consequently one of the most important smartphone markets on the old continent, it’s definitely impressive to hear that early Galaxy S23 series orders “represent almost double those generated by the Galaxy S22 during the pre-order period in 2022.”

Otherwise put, the S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra are currently proving (almost) twice as popular as their forerunners in yet another region in addition to Samsung’s homeland of Korea and the absolutely massive Indian market.

What’s interesting and noteworthy about France is that the Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra also apparently sold rather well around those parts, improving the first-week sales volume of the S21 lineup by “more than two times.”

This writer doesn’t happen to be proficient enough in math to figure out just how much more successful the Galaxy S23 family is compared to the S21 trio right now, but it’s clearly a lot

What Galaxy S23 model is most popular?

Unfortunately, the French numbers are not really put into context much… or spelled out… or broken down by S23 variant. But we already know the Galaxy S23 Ultra is the big boss around the world, both in terms of size and early popularity.

“More than 60 percent” of Samsung’s global customers have apparently opted for the S Pen-wielding giant, and interestingly, it seems that the company’s online-exclusive colors are generating quite a bit of excitement as far as both S23 Ultra and S23+ buyers are concerned.

Said special paint jobs, which include Graphite and Lime for both products and Red and Sky Blue for the Ultra model only, were responsible for 26 percent of pre-orders made on Samsung’s official website for the Galaxy S23+ and no less than 35 percent for its big brother in France.
That suggests many people don’t really need radical design upgrades and major under-the-hood improvements to be sold on a new high-end phone, “settling” instead for a nice splash of color, a “routine” processing power enhancement, and in the case of the S23 Ultra, a mind-blowing 200MP primary rear-facing camera. Of course, it also helps that these bad boys are undeniably some of the overall best phones money can buy in 2023.

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