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How to Use Instagram Take a Break Feature

How to Use Instagram Take a Break Feature? Instagram presents the Take a Break feature, so users can take a break and not open IG for too long. Do you already know how to use it? If not, we will provide tips on how to use the Take a Break feature on Instagram for Android and iOS users.

The Take a Break feature is designed so that users can take a break from social media. This latest Instagram feature is like an alarm that reminds users to take a break after accessing Instagram within a certain time.

Users can choose the duration when the feature is active. For example, users can choose a duration of 10 minutes, so that when they have 10 minutes to access the application, the feature will be active and remind users to take a break.

Not just reminders, users can get references to activities that can be done during breaks such as taking deep breaths, writing down what they think, listening to favorite songs, or doing assignments.

Everything can be done so that users can take a moment to take a break from social media.

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Actually, the Take a Break feature was announced by Meta in October 2021 at the moment of Mental Health Day. Vice President of Global Affairs Meta, Nick Clegg explained that Instagram developed 3 new features to maintain the mental health of teenagers.

The first is a feature that allows parents or adults, to supervise children when accessing these various photo and video applications. The two features are capable of curating content for teens, and the third is Take a Break.

How To Use “Take A Break” On Instagram

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For your information, the Instagram Take a Break feature is an addition to the Daily Reminder Limit feature. To enable or disable the Take a Break feature, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Tap the three lines in the top right corner.
  • Tap Your Activity.
  • Select the Time menu at the top.
  • From here you will see the Take a Break feature and can turn it off or choose a duration of your choosing.
  • There are 3 types of duration, namely 30 minutes, 20 minutes, 10 minutes, or off to turn off the feature.
  • After that click Done.
  • Later after the time runs out a notification will appear so that users take a short break from Instagram.

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Instagram’s Take a Break feature launches on December 8, 2021, on both iOS and Android. Currently available in the US, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. The feature will roll out worldwide in early 2022.

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