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How to use Google Meet: Quick and easy video meetings

How to use Google Meet? Google Hangout Meets is an application under a Google subsidiary that is currently starting to be used frequently.

Video calls on Google hangout meet have almost the same features as the usual video calls you make on Whatsapp, LINE, Telegram, and various other chat applications. But messenger applications in general, are not practical if used for a long time.

As the name suggests, Google Hangout Meets is intended for those of you who want to make video calls in the form of conferences or with more than 2 people to conduct meetings or meetings remotely.

For more details, here are the most visible differences between the regular chat app and Google Hangout Meets.

  • If you use a regular chat application to hold a meeting or video conference, then you can only do it on your cellphone. Until now, there is no chat application that can video call using a computer. While Google Hangouts Meets you can use on all devices, including computers, laptops, and mobile phones.
  • Because video calls using Google Hangout Meets are more intended for those of you who want online meetings/meetings, then by using Google Hangout Meets you can present by sharing documents such as Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. You can also share the screen of your laptop or device that is currently active. For example, I open the Photoshop application, so I can share what I’m working on in Photoshop so that other meeting members can see it.

If you already understand the advantages of this application, let’s get into the discussion about how to use Google Meet for online meetings.

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Guide to Google Meet

How to Use Hangouts Meets on an Android Phone

Before proceeding to the steps, you can download and install the Google Hangout Meet application first. Here’s the download link on Google Play:

If so, then let’s get into the discussion.

  1. Open your “Hangouts Meets” application.
how to use google meet on phone
  1. After logging in, you will see your face directly. But it’s not connected yet, so it’s the same as turning on a regular camera. To start an online meeting, you need to invite your co-workers. To do this, tap “New meeting”.
google meet download
  1. You will immediately create a meeting link automatically as below. Press the “Share” button, to share the link.
how to record google meet
  1. You can share the link to Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. Here we will share on WhatsApp.
how to use google meet on laptop
  1. After selecting WhatsApp in the previous step, here we are asked to choose who will be sent to. Please select the contact or WhatsApp group you want to invite to the meeting.
google meet download for pc
  1. After sending the link, your friends can click on the link to be taken to their Hangout Meet application.
google meet install

Above is an example of a Hangout Meet display between two users. This means, the online meeting room in Hangout Meet has been successfully created and can be used.

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How to Use Hangouts Meets on Computer

If you are using a laptop or computer, then you don’t need to download any applications.

You can directly open the Google Hangouts Meets site through the browser that you are currently using.

It is highly recommended to use the Google Chrome browser to further maximize the use of Google Hangouts Meets because Google Hangouts Meets and Chrome are products of Google.

Before using Google Hangout, you must first log in with your Google account in your browser. The method is simple, you just open, and log in to your Gmail inbox. If so, it means that you have logged into your Google account in the TSB browser.

Here’s how to use Google Hangouts Meets on a computer or laptop.

  1. Go to the page through the browser that you currently use often, then select the “Join or Start a Meeting” menu.
google meet features
  1. You will be asked to enter a “Meeting Id” if you want to join a meeting. Meanwhile, if you want to create a new meeting room, you can enter any name here. Then click “Continue”
google meet login
  1. In this example we create a new meeting. After clicking “continue” in the previous step, we will be taken to a new meeting page as below. Here the meeting rooms are empty. To enter, click “Join now”.
  1. Here we will be given a link to the meeting room, select Add people to add people, or select “Copy joining info” to invite people via the link.
  1. You can paste the invitation link anywhere. Can be sent via an email message, or maybe Facebook, etc. In this example, we send the link on the WhatsApp web.
  1. Done. If your friend clicks on the link, the invited person will be taken directly to the google meet page earlier.

Video call conferencing using Google Hangouts Meets is perfect for those of you who are currently working from home.

Actually, there are many similar applications, but the most frequently used is Google Hangouts Meets because currently Smartphone and Laptop users must be familiar with Google products. As one of Google’s products, this application is certainly more secure.

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That’s the discussion this time. If you have something to add, you can post it in the comments below.

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