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How To Turn On Your Activity Status On Instagram

Recently, Instagram has launched the “Your Activity Status” feature which contains information on the duration of your use when accessing the Instagram application. By activating the Your Activity feature, users know how much time they spend surfing the “world of Instagram”.

There are two standard features that users can take advantage of. First, how much time is spent on average throughout the week.

Then, users can also set reminder alarms if they have accessed Instagram for too long.

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So how do you activate the Your Activity Status feature and use this feature?

How to See Time Spent on Instagram

how to see your activity on instagram

Well, in this article the Weblogue team will tell you how to activate the reminder feature. So you can use it so that you don’t access the Facebook-owned application for too long. Come see!

  • The first thing to do to see activity on Instagram is that you have to go to the Profile page, then tap the three stacked lines icon at the top right of the screen, and select the Your Activity Status feature.
  • Then you will see a graph of your activity while accessing Instagram.
  • To set an Instagram usage reminder, press the Set Daily Reminder or Set Daily Reminder button. In this feature, you can choose how many hours and minutes the alarm will be activated.
  • In this feature, Instagram provides a duration of up to 23 hours and 55 minutes which you can adjust. After the time is set, this feature is active.
  • As long as the alarm is active, you can freely access Instagram and enjoy the features in it. We try to set a reminder for 5 minutes, during which time we can use Instagram as usual.
  • Then when the time is up, a notification will appear on the main Instagram page. The notification says that you have accessed Instagram for 5 minutes or the duration that you have previously determined.
  • When this notification appears, you can do two things: press Ok or Edit Reminder.
  • If you press Ok, the notification will disappear and you can return to your normal surfing.
  • Then if you press the second option, you will return to the Set Daily Reminder page to change the duration of your reminder.

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How easy is it to see activity on your Instagram? This feature is quite simple at first glance, but actually, this feature is very useful for those of you who want to discipline your time in using social media.

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