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How to Transfer Data iPhone to Android 2022 Without iCloud

From now on, it’s easier to transfer data from an iPhone to an Android phone thanks to the Switch to Android application that was just released by Google on the App Store.

So far, transferring data from iPhone to Android is quite inconvenient. You have to back up your data to Google Drive and restore it manually.

But thanks to Switch to Android, the process of transferring data is easier and faster, because almost all processes can be done through the application.

It is hoped that through the Switch to Android application, those of you who have an iPhone don’t need to hesitate anymore to move to Android because copying data is getting easier.

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Transfer Data iPhone to Android

In Google’s newest app, data that can be moved includes contacts, calendar events, photos, and videos. Here’s How to Transfer Data iPhone to Android via the Switch to Android application.

  • Download the Switch to Android app on the App Store. On the other hand please activate your Android smartphone, including entering your Google account.
  • Open the app and scan the QR Code which will automatically appear on Android.
  • Next, the app will explain what exactly can be copied from your iPhone to your Android phone. Click Copy to import the data.
  • After that, most of your important data will be transferred quickly, without the help of any cables.
how to transfer data from iphone to android without icloud
  • After the copying is complete you are reminded to turn off iMessage, to ensure that messages from your friends who still have iPhones are actually sent via SMS.
  • The way to disable it is to tap the Go To Settings menu at the bottom of the app and click Settings.
  • Click Messages and turn off iMessages.
  • You are also prompted to move iCloud data to Google Drive or Google Photos.
  • You do this by pressing the Start menu request, entering your Apple ID, and clicking Request a transfer to copy your data.
how to transfer data from iphone to android without iphone

From this method, the Switch to Android application really makes it easy to transfer iPhone data to Android phones. In addition, the application is also suitable to compete with the Move to the iOS application made by Apple.

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The opposite of Switch to Android, this application makes it easy for Android users to transfer data to the iPhone in a more practical way.

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