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How to Send Money With Gmail on Your Phone

How to Send Money With Gmail?, Google recently added a new feature to Gmail for iPhone, which allows users to send money to anyone with an email address. A similar feature is already available for Android users.

With the presence of a new feature in Gmail for iPhone, users can send money to friends or relatives. You do this via Google Pay which is linked to the user’s credit or debit card number. Weblogue will show you the steps.

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How to Send or Receive Money Using Gmail

how to transfer money from gmail to paypal

Set up your Google Pay account. How:

  • Open the Google Pay website.
  • Click “Payment Methods” on the left side of the site.
  • Click “Add” Payment Method “.

Well, now you are ready to send money using Gmail via iPhone.

How to send money with Gmail on iPhone

can you send money through gmail

Open Gmail on your iPhone.

  • Enter the recipient’s email address (the recipient doesn’t need a Gmail account).
  • Type any subject or message.
  • Tap the paper clip icon at the top right of the screen.
  • Scroll down and select “Send money”.
  • Enter how much money you want to send (the maximum US $ 9,999)
  • Next to the “From” field, select the credit or debit card you’d like to payout.
  • Tap “Attach money”.
  • Add optional memo for payment.
  • Send Message.

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It’s easy, right? Good luck!

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