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How to send gifts on TikTok Live

How to send gifts on TikTok Live can be a form of appreciation for hosts or creators who do live. This gift is also known as the Gift TikTok Universe feature. Follow the TikTok tutorial to give gifts on the following TikTok live.

This TikTok feature is a way of appreciation given by viewers to hosts in the form of images or items and has value.

You can give gifts in the form of flowers, fireworks, and others. In addition, there are also prizes in the form of Lions, Yachts, Diamond Crowns, Cruise Ships, Racing Cars, Goddess of Love, and others.

Each gift has a different price. Later, the gift can be cashed by the user.

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So how do you give gifts on live TikTok? Here’s how to give a gift on live TikTok that the Team summarized for you.

Send a Gift to a TikTok Live

Why can't I send gifts on TikTok live?
  • Select the live user you want to watch.
  • Log in to the user’s live.
  • During a LIVE video, tap the Rewards icon at the bottom.
  • Select the Gift you want to give.
  • If you need to refill Coins, tap Refill and follow the prompts.
  • Under Gifts, tap Send.

Note: Keep in mind, that to send gifts during LIVE, you must be 18 years or older (or 19 in South Korea and 20 in Japan). Only LIVE videos that have a gift icon in the Comments section can receive gifts from viewers.

Currently, there are some countries that are not eligible to access LIVE gifts. Brand Accounts are not eligible to participate. That’s how to give gifts on live TikTok that you can try.

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That’s How to send gifts on TikTok Live. Hope the above TikTok tutorial helps.

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