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How to See Deleted Messages On WhatsApp Without Mod App

Here’s How to See Deleted Messages On WhatsApp by the sender without any additional applications. Often we find on WhatsApp messages are deleted by the sender before we read them so sometimes we are made curious by them.

Of course, we still won’t know because WhatsApp doesn’t provide a feature to view messages that were pulled or deleted by users. Usually deleted messages will leave a trail of “This message has been deleted”.

Likewise, the sender who deletes the message will also see the message “You have deleted this message. After that, this message can no longer be read by anyone.

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But don’t worry, even though WhatsApp doesn’t provide this feature, we can still read messages that have been deleted in various ways, one of which is as we will explain in this article. You don’t even need to use any additional apps to view them.

How to Read Deleted Messages On WhatsApp

  • Please open Settings on the phone
  • Then click the Notification & Status Bar menu
  • Then click Manage Notifications
  • Then click More
  • Select Notification History Then activate
  • Later you will see all the history of notifications on your phone

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