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How to Hide Online Status on WhatsApp

WhatsApp seems to have become an important part of human communication today. Whether it is family matters, friends, neighbors, or work, everything is discussed via WhatsApp.

This assumption is not an exaggeration when viewed from the number of WhatsApp users. By 2021, users of this application have reached 2 billion, according to Statista. This fact provides evidence that WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application in the world.

Sending messages via WhatsApp is fun considering the many features included. We can send pictures, sound recordings, videos, and various other files. Even the writing can be varied. It’s just that, there are two WhatsApp features that sometimes make us feel uncomfortable. The two features are last seen and online status.

Psychologically, people always want to get a reply to messages as quickly as possible, especially when they saw our last seen recently or we are online.

In a case like this, you are taking a day off to prepare for the wedding. You must also communicate intensely via WhatsApp to the bride and groom, make-up artist, decorator, catering, and so on. Suddenly, coworkers and superiors send messages asking about work.

That’s where the bad taste might arise. You know the message must be answered, but later when things are done. Therefore, you must know How to Hide Online Status on WhatsApp. Take it easy, following Weblogue outlines the easy steps.

How to Hide Your Online Status on WhatsApp for Privacy

Turning off Last Seen

how to show offline in whatsapp when i am online

iPhone and Android smartphones have a similar way to disable the last seen status. Follow the steps below:

  • Open the WhatsApp application.
  • Enter Settings. The way to access it on an Android phone is by pressing the three dots in the upper right corner, then pressing “Settings”. On the iPhone, just press “Settings” in the lower right corner of the app start screen.
  • Scroll down and press the “Account” menu.
  • Go to the menu located at the very top, namely “Privacy”
  • Then, touch the “Last Seen” aka “Last Seen” option.
  • If so, check the last option, namely “Nobody”.
  • Done, now no one can see the last time you opened WhatsApp.

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How to Hide Online Status on WhatsApp With Disable Online Status

how to hide whatsapp online status while chatting

Turning off last seen is not enough. The reason is, other people can still see you are online if you and someone who is viewing your profile open WhatsApp at the same time. WhatsApp has not provided an option so that online status is not visible. However, the appearance of online status can be prevented by not providing data access to the application when it is not open, either via cellular or WiFi networks.

In short, this step can be called turning off the background data. Like this how to turn off background data:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Press the “Applications & notifications” menu.
  • Search for the WhatsApp application and enter it.
  • Under the “Uninstall” and “Force Stop” options there are several set menus. Go to the “Data usage” section
  • Then, slide the “Background data” switch to the left to turn it off.

Other Tips to Not Appear Online

Apart from the two tips that have been explained earlier, we also have other tips so that you are not visible when you are online. It’s easy, you can follow the steps below:

Turn off Read Receipt

how can i chat on whatsapp without showing online

WhatsApp by default gives a double blue tick as soon as the message has been sent and read by the recipient. The double blue tick is the Read receipts, aka the read receipts provided by WhatsApp. As explained above, some people psychologically want an immediate response when they find out that the message has been read.

The double blue checkmark may lead to bad prejudice if we don’t reply to chat immediately. Therefore, if you don’t want to appear to have read the message, just turn off the Read Receipts. Anyone can think that the message he sent us has not yet been read. By turning off Read Receipts, the check that appears will not be blue.

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A tick that appears is single, a message has been sent, or double, which means the message has been sent and has reached the recipient. Both are colorless. Here’s how to turn off Read Receipts:

  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Enter the “Settings” menu.
  • Tap the “Account” menu.
  • Press the top menu, namely “Privacy”.
  • Slide the display until it is stuck down.
  • Turn off “Read receipts” or “Read receipts” by sliding the switch which is still alive to the left.

Reply to Chat via notification banner

Another way How to Hide Online Status on WhatsApp is.

That method is to read and reply to chat via the notification banner in the middle of the screen. So, what are the conditions so that we can read and reply via the notification banner?

Make sure the cellphone always gets notifications when messages come in. You can check this by going to:

  • WhatsApp> Settings> Notification. Make sure all switches are on, aka pointing to the right.
  • Don’t delete the notification, let it remain perched on the screen. If the notification is deleted, you will lose access to reply to chat without the sender knowing.

Avoid Creating Status

People will probably wonder when they see the message sent to you has double-ticked but has not been replied to. In fact, at the same time, you’ve just updated your status, whether it’s a text, video, or image.

Therefore, refrain from creating a status first as long as you don’t want to be disturbed, or have other priorities in sending and replying to messages.

On the other hand, you can’t stand the feeling of wanting to share your feelings. However, you only want certain people to know about it. Don’t know how to set it up? Follow these steps:

  • Open WhatsApp, then enter the “Settings” menu.
  • After that, open the “Account” menu, then press the “Privacy” menu.
  • Tap the “Status” section, then change the setting to “Only Share With …”.
  • Choose certain people who can see your status.
  • You can also select “My Contacts Except …” to select people who can’t see your status.

Block Contact

how to hide online status on whatsapp iphone

The most extreme way so that the last seen and online status is not visible is to block a number of contacts. However, it should be noted, do block it before someone sends the message.

follow the easy method below:

  • Open WhatsApp and find the contact that you want to block.
  • Enter the chat room with the contact owner.
  • Press the name of the contact to open “Contact Info”, then slide the display until stuck down.
  • Press the “Block Contact” option and confirm blocking. Done.

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That’s How to Hide Online Status on WhatsApp.

Please note, the methods above cannot be done if you are using WhatsApp web which is accessed using a computer browser. Whether we realize it or not, disabling last seen and online status is legal and doesn’t hurt.

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