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How to Fix iPhone with No Service or Searching Problems

Does the iPhone or iPad (Wi-Fi + Cellular) that you use to display a No Service or Searching error in the upper left Statu Bar?

There are several ways to check and how to fix iPhone with No Service or Searching problems that you can do. Check out the complete guide from Weblogue.

Easy Step How to Fix iPhone with No Service or Searching Problems

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Normal Signal Coverage?

Make sure the area where you are currently is an area that supports cellular signals from the operator you are using.

Usually, the areas that do not include cellular signal coverage are underground, deserted suburban areas or forests, and the like.

Check Cellular Data Settings

Please try to activate the Cellular Data setting to solve the No Service or Searching problem on the iPhone or iPad device.

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Enter the Settings application – Cellular Data – ON.

If you are abroad, make sure the Roaming setting is also activated. The trick is to enter the Settings – Cellular – Cellular Data Options – Data Roaming ON section.

Restart the iPhone or iPad

Maybe your device is having problems or has an error so that it displays No Service or Searching problems in the signal section? Try restarting the device.

You can check the Restart Guide for iPhone and iPad devices on the Apple Support page if you have never restarted before.

Update Carrier Settings

Carrier Settings are cellular settings provided by the operator. Sometimes service providers need to provide updated settings, related to security or other.

The way to update Carrier Settings is to connect the iPhone device to a Wi-Fi connection. After that go to the Settings – General – About section.

If there is a Carrier Settings update needed, the display will appear on the screen, and please select an update. After that, restart if necessary.

Remove, Install or Replace the SIM Card

This simple method might be able to solve the No Service or Searching problem on the iPhone and iPad device you are using.

Please remove the SIM card and re-insert it. Previously, there could be dust or other dirt that made the SIM Card connection problematic.

Another tip is to change the SIM card you are using to the operator. It could be that the SIM Card is damaged or has a problem so that it displays a No Service or Searching problem on an iPhone device.

Perform Reset Network Settings

The next tip is to do Reset Network Settings.

Do these tips by going to Settings – General – Reset – Reset Network Settings.

Reset Network Settings will not delete data. Only settings around Wi-Fi Password, Cellular Settings, VPN, and APN were lost.

IOS update

Have you not seen the Software Update settings on your iOS device for a long time? Take a peek, maybe there is a Software Update that you need to download.

Please go to Settings – General – Software Update to download iOS updates. You can also update iOS or restore iOS through the iTunes application on a computer.

Hardware Constraints, Take it to Apple

If you have done all the above methods but the iPhone, iPad is still experiencing No Service or Searching problems, then the main problem is probably the hardware problem.

If a hardware problem means that it needs further handling and checking. Please take that to the nearest Apple Authorized Service or Apple Store.

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If your device is under the 1-year warranty from Apple, repair or replacement of the device will be free.

Alternatively, you can take the problematic device to a trusted third-party technician.

The final word

Have you ever experienced No Service or Searching problems on your iPhone, iPad?

If so, how do you fix the problem? Share in the comments below!

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