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How to Connect Instagram to Facebook

How to Connect Instagram to Facebook? Instagram and Facebook are two popular social media platforms and still exist today. Some of us may only exist on one social media, such as Instagram. But others are usually active on many social media.

To make it easier to post to many social media, there are social media management applications that can help with this.

By using a social media manager application, you can set a posting schedule and can create an automatic posting application to many social media accounts at once. You can also make many scheduled posts, which will be automatically published until the next month. But there are almost no applications like this that are free, generally, all are paid.

But on the other hand, for those who don’t want to pay, and don’t need advanced customization features, the built-in features of social media itself can be an option. For this case, for example, if you want posts on Instagram to also appear on Facebook, you can activate the connect feature between Instagram and Facebook.

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How to connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts

To connect Facebook and Instagram, we can do the settings in the Instagram application.

  • Open your Instagram app.
  • Tap the “profile icon” to enter your profile.
how to link facebook to instagram on phone
  • Next, tap the “hamburger” menu to bring up options on Instagram.
how to link instagram to facebook on computer
  • Select the “settings” menu located at the bottom.
unable to connect instagram to facebook page
  • After that, select “Account”.
how to unlink facebook from instagram 2021
  • Then just select “Linked Accounts”.
how to disconnect facebook from instagram
  • You will be taken to the “Linked account” page. Here select “Facebook”

Here you can also see what accounts are already linked to your Instagram. Incidentally, there are no social media accounts linked to my Instagram yet.

how to add instagram link to facebook business page
  • Tap “Continue as (Your Facebook Name)”.

If you have installed the Facebook application and have logged in before, a page will immediately appear as shown in the picture. Your Facebook account will be detected automatically.

how to open instagram from facebook

However, if you have not previously logged into your Facebook account, then you will be presented with a login form to enter your Facebook account first.

  • Done. Here you will see your Facebook name in the “Connected accounts” settings.
facebook linked accounts

You can also link twitter on the page above, just tap the Twitter button, then login to your Twitter account, give access to Instagram, and done.

Set what can be shared from Instagram to Facebook

In step 8 above, you can see the accounts that are already connected. Tap the name of your Facebook account.

Next, a page will appear as shown in the image. Here you can set some post settings as you want.

In the example image, I enabled all the settings. Then every time I post a photo or video on Instagram, it will also be posted on Facebook, either in the form of a story/story or post status to the homepage.

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Create a new post that can be shared from Instagram to Facebook

Well, after you have successfully linked your Instagram to Facebook, please try to make sure that your accounts are linked.

When you make a new post on IG, swipe right on the Facebook button if you want to share it with that social media too. After tapping “Share”, try to open your Facebook account to make sure that your Instagram post is also posted on Facebook.

Can I connect Instagram to Facebook via PC?

If you want to connect IG to FB via PC, you can’t do that right now.

What are the advantages of connecting an Instagram account with Facebook?

Linking Instagram accounts to other social media such as Facebook has its own advantages. There are several advantages that you can get, the following are some of them.

  1. More efficient. If you have linked Instagram to Facebook, then every time you update your status on Instagram, both photos and videos, it will be automatically updated on Facebook as well. So you don’t have to work twice to do it. Of course, it will save more time.
  2. Get more user responses. Instead of posting on Instagram only or on Facebook alone, it’s better if you post them simultaneously on Instagram and Facebook, or even Twitter if you have one. Especially if you have a business or business that requires a wider audience or customer reach, this should be one of the most important reasons.
  3. Social media accounts don’t look “dead”. If you link your Instagram account with your other social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter, every time you post on Instagram it will automatically be posted on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Even though you never open Facebook or Twitter, at least your account still looks ‘alive’ because it’s still actively posting to those social media.

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How? Now you know How to Connect Instagram to Facebook?

If you have any suggestions or questions, you can add them in the comments column below. That’s all and see you again in the next post.

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