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Mobile World Congress 2023, a large-scale tech event held in Barcelona, known for its display of cutting-edge mobile technology, wrapped up on March 2, 2023, ending an elaborate showcase filled with concept devices and a few consumer-ready products.

Our team from Pocketnow was on the show floor attending the various keynotes that took place over the last four days, and of all the devices we had the opportunity to see and experience, some stood out! Here we will highlight our favorites — in no particular order — from the show floor to give you a glimpse of what the future holds.


TECNO Megabook T1 and S1

Packing the latest hardware into a laptop is relatively easy, and many manufacturers have done it over the years. But to combine it all into a compelling offering that doesn’t only feel great but also delivers bang for the buck is difficult. With the TECNO MEGABOOK series, which includes two models — MEGABOOK S1 and MEGABOOK T1 — there is little left to desire.

The MEGABOOK S1 focuses on being a portable workstation for a professional who needs reliability and high-tier performance. And to fulfill this role, the laptop ships with Intel’s 13th-generation processors and 16GB of RAM. Also, if you ever decide to take a break from work, the MEGABOOK S1’s 3.2K display and six-speaker setup don’t disappoint, as they make media consumption a great experience. On the other hand, the MEGABOOK T1 serves as the perfect laptop for the younger members of your family with its aggressive $500 price tag, great performance, and fun color options.

  • TECNO MEGABOOK S1 Product Image-1



    The TECNO MEGABOOK S1 offers a great combination of hardware giving us a device that’s worth calling a portable workstation. It ships with the 13th Gen Intel Processors and has 16GB of RAM to handle all your performance needs. 

  • PBI Tecno MegaBook T1

    Tecno MegaBook T1


    Tecno MegaBook T1 is a thin and light laptop marketed as a productivity device for the current generation. It comes with nine ports and features 11th-generation processors from Intel — up to Core i7.

HONOR Magic Vs

Best of MWC 2023_ Honor Magic Vs-1

The HONOR Magic Vs is a familiar device that made its way to the Chinese market late last year. But the OEM took to the stage at MWC to announce global availability for its large foldable, which does boast impressive specifications.

The overall theme and hype around this announcement is about the fact that you now have the option to buy another foldable that isn’t overshadowed by the robustness of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 — a device that’s improved with each iteration and has been without direct competition for the last four years.

The HONOR Magic Vs has an impressive design and is quite light and thin for a foldable device. It also doesn’t feature a noticeable crease in the middle of its display. When folded shut, the device also appears to close flush, adding to its overall appeal. Each of these factors is an advantage it holds over Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Other specifications include the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, a 5,000 mAh battery — with 66W charging support — and a robust camera array. The device will be available for €1,599 though we await HONOR’s announcement of the exact dates for the open sale.

PBI Honor Magic Vs

Honor Magic Vs

HONOR Magic Vs is a great foldable smartphone offering some of the finest hardware on the market. So, if you’re looking for a gadget that you can use for several years, it won’t disappoint. The device is powered by the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 and comes with a capable triple-camera array that captures great images and won’t disappoint, making it a great choice.

HONOR Magic 5 Pro

Best of MWC 2023_ Honor Magic 5 Pro-1

While the Honor Magic Vs did makes its way to the stage for some time, the prime focus of the Chinese OEM’s announcement was the HONOR Magic5 Pro, its flagship for the current year. The device brings with it a unique design for which there are many adjectives, but it does guarantee that the device stands out and doesn’t downgrade the look.

Now housed within this interesting-looking section is a triple-camera array comprising a wide, ultrawide, periscope lens — each using 50-megapixel sensors. In the time our team members spent with the device, they could preview its camera performance, which they described as snappy, and stated the resulting photos maintained great detail.

Apart from the unique rear camera setup, there’s much more to like when you flip around the Magic5 Pro. It has a beautiful 6.81-inch quad-curved display, which refreshes at 120Hz, and is a sight for sore eyes. And managing all the hardware on this phone is the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

HONOR has shown that its a brand that intends to compete at the highest level, and the Magic5 Pro follows its predecessor with the right type of improvements to fulfill this mission.

Huawei Watch Buds

Best of MWC 2023_ Huawei Watch Buds-1

When device manufacturers combine two different products, the result is often something many pass off as gimmicks. The Huawei Watch Buds might give off a similar aura. Still, the brand has a history of making incredible audio hardware and smartwatches, and this combination is worth considering if you’ve been looking for such a device.

Accessing the earbuds is as simple as pushing the watch’s face open and pulling them out for a music session. And space constraints which one could expect to play a negative role for this device, aren’t an issue. The smartwatch can record accurate data for health monitoring, and the earbuds have a control system — which lets you relay inputs with taps on the area around your ear — and audio hardware that will make using them enjoyable and hassle-free.

Both devices also offer respectable battery life. The watch can go for three days without a charge, while the earbuds offer 4 hours of listening time. At $449, Huawei Watch Buds are an interesting product to look out for!



The HUAWEI Watch Buds is a unique smartwatch with wireless earbuds built-in. The smartwatch includes SP02, Heart rate, and sleep tracking, as well as the ability to track more than 80 sports activities. The wireless earbuds have a 4-hour battery life, and supporting features like Adaptive EQ, noise cancelation, and more.

Motorola Rizr: Rollable Phone Concept

Best of MWC 2023_ Motorola Rizr-1

The Motorola Rizr, a rollable phone concept, doesn’t need much introduction as it grabbed the attention of many media outlets with its unique system that extends the display to a 6.5-inch unit from a stubby 5-inch panel. It iterates upon a dummy that Pocketnow’s Jaime Rivera had a chance to experience last year, and he did say he was quite impressed by the prototype Motorola had on display.

The device changes between modes via a simple double-press of its power button and has an Android user interface that morphs accordingly. There are positive implications of this hardware making its way into a consumer-ready device, and we can’t wait to see what Motorola offers next.

Lenovo Rollable Laptop Concept

Best of MWC 2023_ Lenovo Rollable Laptop-1

While Motorola garnered attention with the Rizr, Lenovo didn’t hold back, as it previewed similar rollable hardware in a Thinkbook. When you look at it up front, the device looks like a simple laptop, but at the flick of a switch, its compact 12.7-inch display unfurls into a massive 15.3-inch screen (when measured diagonally) with a motor mechanism that’s hidden away in the chassis.

After already showing its unique and eye-catching dual-display Yoga 9i at CES, we are glad to see Lenovo again dabbling in hardware that changes the fundamentals of a product category.

OPPO Find N2 Flip

Best of MWC 2023_ OPPO Find N2 Flip-1

OPPO’s hardware showcase at MWC was full of appealing announcements. It unveiled several IoT products and even the next generation of its AR glasses, the Air Glass 2, but the product that piqued our interest was the OPPO Find N2 Flip.

This clamshell-design foldable phone is making its way to global markets and will pose as a direct competitor to the Galaxy Z Flip 4. While many will draw parallels between it and the Samsung phone due to their similarities, the device does have its stand-out features like its folding screen with a hard-to-notice crease and an external 3.26-inch display that provides enough space to access information and even some shortcuts to perform actions quickly.

In addition to the physical advantages it offers over its competition, the Find N2 Flip also doesn’t compromise on performance, be it in terms of raw power for applications or imagery. We feel the OPPO phone has struck a great balance and if Samsung chooses to only iterate on its hardware, this device will offer some stern competition.

OPPO Find N2 Flip PBI

Oppo Find N2 Flip

OPPO Find N2 is the latest Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 competitor on the market. It features a big 3.26-inch cover display, a large 6.8-inch main display, dual-camera setup with a 50MP primary camera, a 4,300 mAh battery with support for 44W USB-C charging, and more.

Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro

Best of MWC 2023_ Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro-1

Like the devices from HONOR, the Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro has already made its way to market in China, with MWC serving as the stage for its global release. This latest generation from the OEM aims to deliver the best possible results in all aspects, be it raw performance or photography capabilities, as it ships with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and a camera system that bears the Leica name.

The partnership that Xiaomi has struck with Leica has led to this device using components engineered by the camera giant. And from the initial impressions this device has left, the work the two brands have put into this camera system has led to rave reviews. It’s also one of the few devices shipping with Sony’s 1-inch IMX 989 sensor.

OnePlus Pad

Best of MWC 2023_ OnePlus Pad-1

The OnePlus Pad appeared first at the Cloud 11 Event that OnePlus held in New Delhi, India. Our team on the ground had the opportunity to spend some time with the tablet and returned with positive impressions, but its companion accessories weren’t available. At MWC 2023, the OnePlus Pad was on display in all its glory with its keyboard accessory and stylus.

The tablet comes with a design that’s easy to handle — owing to curves present on its chassis — and hardware that indicates it won’t struggle for performance. It has an 11.6-inch LCD panel with a 144hz refresh rate, and the MediaTek Dimensity 9000 processor is packaged behind this panel with 12GB of RAM. There’s also a 9,510 mAh cell that supports the entire system.

So far, its specifications are some of the best we’ve seen on paper, but what OnePlus charges for the tablet will be a key factor in its impact on the market. But this is worth considering if you’ve been looking for an Android tablet with a more iPad-like look and feel. OnePlus Pad will be available for purchase in April 2023.


Best of MWC 2023_ TCL NXTPAPER 11-1

Rounding out our awards for MWC 2023 is the TCL NXTPAPER 11, which brings the next generation of NXTPAPER technology to the table. What makes this device special in our eyes, is the rigor with which TCL continues to invest on its matte display idea for mobile devices. The advantages of such a panel aren’t a secret, and we’d like to see more manufacturers dabble with such hardware. As for the major improvements with this generation, there is an increase in brightness output, which is up to 500 nits and TCL has managed to decrease the blue light emission of this panel to help reduce eye fatigue.

The TCL NXTPAPER 11 tablet costs $250, has an 11-inch 2K display, comes with MediaTek’s Helio P60T processor, and has an 8,000 mAh cell powering the system. For its price, this tablet from TCL is a great mid-range option to consider, as it puts the visual experience at a level that many other tablets in this price range will find hard to compete against.

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